When the 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro will be released

by team December 05, 2019

When the 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro will be released


The news that Apple is preparing a new laptop device is getting stronger thanks to a Bloomberg report, which states that the 16-inch MacBook Pro will go on sale this week.

Quoting from The Verge, Wednesday, the latest MacBook Pro is expected to be sold at almost the same price as its 15-inch predecessor, starting at USD2,399.

This device is staying will replace the classic 15-inch MacBook Pro in the Apple laptop lineup. It was previously estimated that the 16-inch MacBook Pro was the choice of the premium version, not replacing its predecessor.

This technology company from the United States is pinned on a larger screen and an updated keyboard. The keyboard is designed so that it becomes more reliable and more comfortable when used.

The 16-inch MacBook keyboard is certainly not like the butterfly mechanism used by the MacBook line since 2016. This mechanism is considered to damage the reputation of Apple’s notebooks because the keys are often jammed, pressing buttons that must be repeated, and other problems.

This report also mentioned that the Mac Pro premium will be released in December. So, after launching the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max, which was then followed by the launch of AirPods, Apple will end 2019 with a focus on Mac devices.

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