What is MaMi malware and how to protect your Mac from this malware

by team January 27, 2020

How to keep your Mac healthy with anti-malware protection


Patrick Wardle, a security researcher, has detected a new threat designed specifically for Mac machines.

An example of this is published in the MalwareBytes forum. This threat is known as MaMi and is characteristically referred to as the DNS changer malware attack witnessed in 2012.

What is MaMi and how does it work?

MaMi is a malicious malware that made headlines recently. It is a 64-bit malicious executable code that is said to be distributed by unconvincing methods, such as email or fake sites. Once it enters the computer, it changes the DNS settings, installs an infected root certificate, which allows the hacker to decrypt and capture the data sent over the Internet and then steals the user’s personal and confidential information.

How to detect if your system is infected?

Currently, no antivirus can detect this malware. The only way to know if your computer is infected is to check the DNS settings.

Go to System Preferences > Network > Advanced.

After clicking on the advanced option, you can perform the DNS configuration. If you see the IP address as and then there is a problem and your system is affected by the malware.

What should you do to prevent MaMi?

Do not enable Flash Player plugins.
Avoid downloading any update to run a flash player when visiting a website.
Do not follow the tricks that ask you to download antivirus software so that the infection of your machine is free.

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