The Most Popular Row of Applications and Games Throughout 2019

by team December 29, 2019

The Most Popular Row of Applications and Games Throughout 2019


App Annie released the list of the most popular apps and games in 2019. According to their records, the total number of downloads made by mobile users this year has reached a record 120 billion times both in the App Store and Play Store.

This number is up about five percent from the previous year’s report. Quoted from Venture Beat, Tuesday (12/17/2019), the list of the top 10 non-game applications available this year actually consists of familiar names.

“Social media and entertainment top-most of the top 10,” said Director of Market Insights at App Annie, Amir Ghodrati. In fact, Facebook’s services have mastered the top three most downloaded applications.

In addition, other players who enlivened the list of applications with the most downloads during 2019 were TikTok, Snapchat, and Likee. While for entertainment applications there are Netflix and Spotify.

Now, to find out the complete list of the 10 most downloaded non-game applications throughout 2019, check the following list.

1. Facebook Messenger

2. Facebook

3. WhatsApp Messenger

4. TikTok

5. Instagram

6. Share it

7. Like

8. Snapchat

9. Netflix

10. Spotify

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