Steve Jobs’ signature worth USD 84,000

by team December 27, 2019

Steve Jobs' signature worth USD 84,000


The signature of the late Steve Jobs is very expensive. When converted into currency, the signature of the founder of Apple is worth USD 84,000.

This fact is known after an RR Auction auction house headquartered in Boston, USA, conducted an auction of old school desks that had been signed by Jobs.

As a result, as quoted by CNET, the diskette was sold to $84,000. With the same value of money, then it is equivalent to the price that must be redeemed to buy an iPhone 11 of 84 units.


Steve Jobs' signature worth USD 84,000


Once the signature of this is expensive, because Jobs himself rarely does that, especially for collectors. This information was included in the RR Auction when conducting the auction.

The diskette contains Macintosh System Tools 6.0 software. It is estimated, this diskette is more than 30 years old. This is not Jobs’s first signature to be exorbitant. Previously, at several auctioned goods with Jobs’s signature, it also attracted the attention of Steve Jobs fan collectors.

In September, the original Toy Story poster with Jobs’s signature was valued at USD 30 thousand. Far back in the last year, Jobs’s 1973 job proposal sold $ 174,000.

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