PewDiePie’s Game Poopdie Banned By Apple

by team December 28, 2019

PewDiePie's Game Poopdie Banned By Apple


PewDiePie, YouTuber with the most subscribers in the world, has just launched a mobile game. But it was considered too disgusting and banned by Apple.

Poopdie, that’s the name. The main character is a worm that can create new creatures with feces. Not to mention the many terms in this game related to shit.

‘When we registered it, Apple rated it too ‘smelly’. Even though it was only a cartoon,’ said the man with the original name of Felix Kjellberg, quoted from Metro.

As a result, Poopdie can only be downloaded on the Play Store, not on the App Store. Felix said he was still trying to make the game acceptable to Apple.

‘It looks like Apple is disgusted with Poopdie. This game according to them is not under Apple’s guidelines because the image and sound effects might disgust the user,’ said Bulbware, the developer hired by PewDiePie to make it.

‘We are currently appealing to the Apple Review Board and want to reach an agreement. Come on, Apple, we received hundreds of requests from impatient iOS users,’ they added.

PewDiePie is quite a controversial figure and sometimes throws strange ideas. But that is one of the strengths and characteristics that make it so popular.

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