IBM: Mac Users Are More Productive Than Windows

by team December 02, 2019

IBM: Mac Users Are More Productive Than Windows


Research from IBM shows that employees who use Apple Mac computers tend to outperform their expectations compared to those who use Windows PCs. Mac users are also more successful in pushing high-priced sales deals.

That’s quite ironic considering that IBM was instrumental in controlling the popularity of PCs in the 1980s. But lately, they are increasingly equipping their employees with Mac computers.

IBM’s Chief Information Officer, Fletcher Previn, states that Mac users produce 22% higher performance in the company, compared to Windows users.

Not only that, employees who rely on Mac need less technical support, which is 7 engineers for 200,000 Mac devices compared to 20 engineers for Windows devices.

IBM uses a lot of Macs, a total of 290,000 units. Much higher than the 2016 data which was 90,000 units.

IBM employees have been free to choose to use Mac or Windows since 2015. “We want to create a productive environment for IBM employees and improve their experience,” Previn said.

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