How to remove the Mac PUP

by team January 27, 2020

How to remove the Mac PUP


We all love Mac OS because of its security features, but do you know that Mac OS is susceptible to potentially unwanted programs (PUP)? These programs show ads, generate web traffic and collect user data for skeptical sites.

Please see the instructions below to remove PUP from your Mac.

How to get rid of Mac PUP?

1. Go to the Apple menu bar and click Go. Now choose Computer.


2. Type the next unwanted program name in the Finder search bar and press return.

3. Click the Add (+) icon to edit the search attributes and search for unwanted programs in the system files. 


4. Here under the title Search: This Mac, click on Kind and then choose Other from the drop-down menu.


5. Now, in Select a search attribute dialog box, look for the System Files option, check the box next to it and click OK.


6. Once the search criteria are set in System Files, select and are included in the drop-down list.

This will modify the search results and you can see the system files with the keyword you are looking for.

Then, select all files from the search results and move them to the Trash.

Now, right-click on the Trash icon and click on Empty Trash to permanently delete malicious files.


Note: These programs sometimes install a toolbar, default search engine, and add the toolbar to the browser. You can easily delete these extensions from your web browser.


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