How to keep your Mac safe with Systweak Antimalware

by team January 02, 2020

How to keep your Mac safe with Systweak Antimalware


In recent years, we have often seen malware attacks on headlines. Whenever a cyber attack or a security breach occurs, the culprit of the malware is found. In recent months, these attacks have rocked the entire world by attacking giants like Yahoo, Uber and tons of rookie computer users.

Although most malicious programs were initially created for Windows systems, over time and their popularity, Macs have also become susceptible. Now, if someone says their system is safe from malware since it is a Mac, then they certainly need to read more. Proton X and Fruitfly are some common examples of malware, specially designed for Mac.

Systweak Antimalware

Systweak Antimalware protects your Mac from all types of malware and viruses while detecting and blocking malicious applications that may be hidden in your system. This software is easy to use and it is not necessary to be a technical expert for it. Once installed, the software scans all malicious programs and instantly quarantines them if they pose a threat to your Mac. This software is very easy to use for all mac users.

How it protects Mac from various malicious programs and viruses?

Choose the scanner according to your needs: You can select between three types of scanning: Deep, fast and custom scanning. If you want to scan the entire Mac, you can choose a deep scan. After choosing a deep scan the software will scan all folders and directories for malicious or infected content that may be on the Mac. Since it scans your entire Mac, it may take longer compared to two other types of scanning. If you don’t want to perform a full scan and just need to analyze some specific folders, you can choose between Quick Scan or Custom Scan, to save time.

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