How to enable single-window mode for macOS applications

by John Anderson December 01, 2019

The hidden features of macOS sometimes surprise even the most experienced users of this operating system. For example, you can increase your efficiency in MacOS using single-window mode.

macOS has a special mode that allows you to use only one window at a time. All other programs will be hidden when you change programs. And most importantly, you don’t even have to download third-party solutions for this option to work.

How to activate the focus mode in macOS?

  • Start the “Terminal” application using Spotlight or any other convenient way.
  • In the command line window we have to enter the following command:

default write single-app -bool true; killall dock



  • Now press enter.

Everything is ready. The docking panel will restart, which means that the new mode has already entered. The changes will be visible immediately. First, the switch between applications is now much faster: the delay and animation have disappeared. Second, you can now only interact with an active application.

How do I disable this mode?

  • Start the “Terminal” application using Spotlight.
  • And Enter the following code to the command line window:

default write single-app -bool false; killall dock

The Dock-panel will restart and we can use it again in MacOS in the usual way.

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