How to Change the Location Where Screenshots are Saved

by John Anderson November 30, 2019

One of the first things that I learned in my early days of OS X is the option to take screenshots. This is very important for many users who use Apple’s operating system. Mac has a couple of keyboard shortcuts that allow us to take screenshots.

At first, there was no way to change the location where captured were stored, but through the terminal and simple command, we can do it now. 

If you are used to taking screenshots on your Mac, surely you have your desktop full of messy images. However, when we want to change the storage location of these images, we may have a problem because there is no clear option in System Preferences to make this modification. That is why in this article, we will describe how you can do it easily through Terminal. 


How to change the storage location of screenshots

To change location, open Terminal and paste the following command:

defaults write location (and drag the folder where you want to save the captured images)


How to Change the Location Where Screenshots are Saved



Now we need to restart or enter the following command in Terminal: killall SystemUIServer

So, it’s very easy to make this change of location.

Now, we already have a new location for all the screenshots we have taken on our Mac. On this occasion, as with previous commands and Terminal tricks, we can easily reverse the process and leave the captured images on our desktop again.


To do this we just have to open the Terminal and copy the command below:

defaults write location ~ / Desktop

Press enter and then restart the system with: killall SystemUIServer 

Again we will have our screenshots on our desktop. 

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