How to change DNS settings on Mac, iPad, iPhone and prevent your ISP from tracking you?

by team January 05, 2020

How to change DNS settings on Mac, iPad, iPhone and prevent your ISP from tracking you?


We live in a technologically interconnected world where everyone, from machines to individuals, is linked. Therefore, we assume that you have heard terms such as DNS, browsing history and ISP. But do you know what they are and how they work? Can your ISP track and record the DNS browsing history?

For those who do not know, on these terms let me explain:

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a decentralized and classified name assignment system for computers, services or other devices connected to the Internet. In simpler words, it is the Internet phone book, a route that takes you to the right place when you browse. But there is a trap that is not secure, since it is not encrypted, and this can reveal your entire browsing history. Even if you browse in incognito mode, nothing is safe and hidden. Also, the small green icon that denotes a secure connection will not help. In addition, DNS is also slow.

(ISP) Internet Service Provider gives us access to connect the internet and other services like creating websites and virtual hosting. Every time you connect to the Internet, your connection is routed through an ISP.

I hope you understood the terms. So, now let’s proceed with the problem that exists in DNS, ISP tracking and how to solve it.

We have already read about 2 basic problems that DNS has, one is that it is not secure and the other is slow. To solve both problems, the Domain Name System (DNS) provider must be changed to the new Cloudflare service. Apart from these basic problems, DNS also has other problems that are listed below:

  • DNS is public, this means that the ISP knows the sites you visit or have visited, either in normal or incognito browser mode.
  • It can be used to trick the user into visiting a fake site.
  • It can be used to restrict access to certain websites in a country.

Cloudflare DNS is the solution for all these problems.

How to change DNS server settings on Mac

After knowing how vulnerable your DNS configuration is on Mac, you may want to change the DNS server address to on your Mac. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to System Preferences.
  2. Now click on Network Panel > Wi-Fi > Advanced .
  3. Here you can see a tab called DNS. Enter the DNS address by clicking on the + button.
  4. Again, click the + button and type the address of the backup server as
  5. Click Ok followed by Apply to make the changes effective.

Everything is ready. As these settings will be applied, you will be redirected through DNS Cloudfare to browse the Internet.

How to set a new DNS server configuration on iPad or iPhone

On iPhone and iPad, the steps will be the same. Therefore, we only mention them once. To make changes, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Next, Wi-Fi, and click on the icon ⓘ You will find it next to the name of your Wi-Fi network.
  3. Here you will see a button that says Configure DNS.
  4. Tap on it and then tap on the + Add Server button, here write your numbers: and
  5. Press Save for the changes to take effect.

That’s all.

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