How to automatically hide the Dock on the Mac

by John Anderson December 01, 2019

Many people who have been using the macOS Dock for years are changing their minds lately and using other shortcuts thanks to tools, such as Finder or Alfred, so it would be interesting to know how to hide it. The same goes for the menu bar at the top of our Mac’s screen.

By default, the Application Dock is always visible at the bottom of the screen but we can change its position to any other part. 

If we want to hide the Dock automatically and to show when you place the mouse over the area where it is located, then you must do the following steps.

How to hide the Dock on macOS (Mac)

The easiest way to do this is as follows:

Go to System Preferences (Apple Apple)> Dock> Hide and show Dock automatically.

And the Dock disappears until you pass the mouse pointer through the lower area of ​​the screen.


How to automatically hide the Dock on the Mac


How to hide the menu bar on macOS (Mac)

Since the release of the version of OS X El Capitan, you can hide the menu bar very easily. Just go to  System Preferences (Apple Apple)> General> Hide and show the menu bar automatically.

The process is fairly simple. You just have to click on the option indicated.


How to automatically hide the Dock on the Mac

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