How to activate “Do not disturb” on iPhone while driving

by team December 15, 2019

According to a special survey, the distraction caused by the telephone is the main factor that contributes to traffic accidents. Many people suffered serious injuries and some even lost their lives just because of using their mobile phones. However, in this article, we will describe to you how to use “Do not disturb” on the iPhone while driving.

How to activate/use “Do not disturb” while driving (iPhone)

When “Do not disturb” is activated on the iPhone, incoming calls, texts and notifications are automatically muted. To activate this function, you must first activate “Do not disturb” on the iPhone from Settings. Now scroll to “Do not disturb” while driving and choose how to enable it by tapping Activate. Now choose any of the three options to activate, Automatically, When connected to the car’s Bluetooth, or Manually.

If you choose the Automatically option, your iPhone’s motion sensors will automatically detect that you are in a moving vehicle and activate the “Do not disturb” while driving.


How to activate "Do not disturb" on iPhone while driving


If you choose the second option, which is “When Connect to Car Bluetooth”, this function will be activated automatically as soon as you connect your iPhone to your car’s USB or Bluetooth.

If you choose the third option, “Manually”, then “Do not disturb” while driving will only be activated when you activate this function manually from the Control Center of your iPhone.

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