Apple Sued iPhone and iPad Chip Designer

by team December 20, 2019

Apple Sued iPhone and iPad Chip Designer


Apple reported and sued the former employee Gerard Williams who is a designer for the iPhone and iPad chips. 

The former employee in question is Gerard Williams, who was once the main designer for the chips used on the iPhone and iPad before he finally resigned in February and started his own business.

The business in question is a startup called Nuvia, whose main business is designing processors for data centers. Williams’s withdrawal from Apple is considered a hard blow for Apple.

Well, Apple’s lawsuit against Williams was made because he was considered planning or starting a business activity that was considered to be a competitor or directly related to Apple’s business or products.

This, according to Apple, is a violation of the employment agreement between them and Williams, as quoted by Business Insider, Monday (12/16/2019).

Nuvia’s growth itself is quite interesting because even though it is almost unheard of, its name has succeeded in getting Series A funding worth USD 53 million; one Nuvia investor is Dell.

Williams was not alone in founding Nuvia, because his other founders were former Apple executives, namely John Bruno and Manu Gulati. Bruno previously worked in Apple’s platform architecture division, while Gulati worked in Apple’s system on a chip (SoC) division.

The three men reportedly hold more than 100 patents related to chip design and system engineering.

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