Apple Releases New Mac Pro and Monitor

by team December 15, 2019

Apple Releases New Mac Pro and Monitor


Apple released two new products, namely Mac Pro, whose prices start from USD 5,999 and Pro Display XDR which start at USD 5,000.

The cheapest Mac Pro variant uses an Intel Xeon 8 core CPU, GPU Radeon Pro 580X, 32GB RAM, and 256GB SSD. Apple-designed this new product in a modular fashion, so users can choose specifications according to their wishes, and the price for the highest spec is more than USD 50 thousand.

The new monitor called Pro Display XDR has a 6K resolution and 32-inch diagonal screen. With prices starting at USD 5,000, Apple even includes a foot stand for this monitor.

The buyer should buy Apple Pro Stand separately for USD 1,000, or VESA mount adapter for USD 199 to use the monitor stand-alone, as quoted Dr. Hidden from The Verge, Wednesday (12/11/2019).

The two devices were first announced last June, precisely at the WWDC 2019 event. This brand-new Mac Pro replaces the 2013 Mac Pro which has a unique shape such as a trash can.

New monitors need special laps

One variant of the XDR Pro Display has a screen layer called Apple’s ‘nano texture’. This variant has a price of USD 1000 more expensive than the cheapest version.

And with prices as high as that, the XDR Pro Display ‘nano texture’ requires a special cloth to clean the surface of the screen from dust. You cannot use an ordinary microfiber cloth to wipe the surface of the monitor.

This ban was revealed by Apple in a support document for the XDR Pro Display, which said users had to wear a cloth that Apple provided in its sales package. The reason for this ban has not been revealed by Apple, but the possibility of this happening is because of the use of the ‘nano texture’ glass coating on the monitor.

‘Nano texture’ is Apple’s term for a matte, or non-glossy, glass coating on the monitor. According to Apple, the layer was deliberately made to have a special texture that is made with nano-meter size levels. The goal is to maintain the monitor’s contrast level but still can produce a matte effect.

So, the use of cloths other than those given by Apple might damage the texture on the screen. Another problem is, at least for now, that special rag is not sold anywhere. You must contact Apple to get a replacement cloth.

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