Apple Officially Releases AirPods Pro, Its Advantages and Prices

by team December 03, 2019

Apple Officially Releases AirPods Pro and Its Advantages and Prices


After news circulating about the leak, Apple finally released AirPods Pro.

Reporting from GSM Arena, AirPods Pro goes on sale 30 October. Apple is priced at USD 159 (standard version) and USD 199 (case wireless). Apple also sells cases for USD 99.

Apple carries an in-ear design and features 3 tips that are tailored to the user’s ears, namely large, medium and small.

With an in-ear design, AirPods Pro can isolate sound instantly when used.

The active noise cancellation system uses two microphones, one on the outside and one on the inside of the earphone. By function, the external microphone monitors ambient noise and then creates an inverted audio signal that cancels it.

While the internal microphone monitors the sound inside the earphones and automatically adjusts noise cancellation for each ear based on the amount of noise that comes in.

AirPods Pro also has a feature called Transparency, which basically mixes some ambient sound with audio so users can still hear other sounds like traffic around or announcements at the airport.

AirPods Pro also has a new waterproof design and sweat IPX4, meaning users can use it at the gym or run without worrying about breaking it with sweat.

This device supports wireless charging and Siri commands. Apple claims AirPods Pro has an endurance of up to 4.5 hours.

The case itself can provide 24-hour power. Unfortunately, the charging is still using lightning cable.

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