Apple is developing its own satellite technology

by team December 26, 2019

Apple is developing its own satellite technology


Apple is reportedly developing its own satellite technology. This technology was developed to ‘fire’ the internet directly at iPhones and other devices, without passing through an ordinary wireless network.

Reporting from Bloomberg, Sunday (12/22/2019) the company based in Cupertino has employed dozens of people from the aviation, satellite and antenna design industry to develop the project.

This project is still in the early stages of development and has the potential to be disbanded at any time. But, Apple CEO Tim Cook is very interested in this project and indicates that this project is the company’s priority.

The results of this satellite project will be implemented in the next five years. At present, the purpose of developing this satellite has not yet been finalized. But Apple’s internal sources provide some clues.

Apple’s satellite technology is said to be allowing the iPhone and other devices to connect to the internet without the help of telecommunications operators.

Not only that, but Apple is also said to want to develop this satellite for more precise location tracking so that it can develop more sophisticated map applications.

It is not yet known whether Apple will use its own satellite to launch this wireless technology, or whether they will use satellites made by other companies.

If this report is true, Apple will follow in the footsteps of SpaceX and Amazon who intend to launch a satellite network to fire the internet from orbit. SpaceX itself has a project called Starlink which is planned to launch 12,000 internet satellites into orbit.

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