Apple has a special team to build satellites

by team December 30, 2019

Apple has a special team to build satellites


The latest report from Bloomberg says Apple apparently has a special team for satellite development. Reportedly, the satellite can be used as a support function of its devices.

Quoted from The Verge, Saturday (12/21/2019), Apple plans to launch this new initiative in the next five years. However, not much information can be revealed in this technology.

In his report, Bloomberg only mentioned that the project was still in its initial stages and it was not impossible to stop it. Because Apple’s intent is also unknown with the existence of this satellite.

However, armed with this satellite technology, Apple can actually do several things to support the performance of its devices, such as improved map services and location tracking, to better internet signal reception.

Although not yet widely revealed, this special team has actually been formed and several engineers joined in it. From the report, the team was led by aerospace engineers Michael Trela ​​and John Fenwick.

Both are figures who are already familiar with the world of turmoil. Both Trela ​​and Fenwick previously worked at Skybox Imaging, a satellite imaging company that Google bought in 2014.

When joining Google, the two were involved in the development of satellites and spacecraft, before finally moving to Apple in 2017.

For now, this report is indeed tentative in nature, so the continuation is not yet certain.  

Apple itself is not the first technology company interested in working on satellites, because previously there was SpaceX and Amazon.

In addition to the news above, Apple is known to have registered an optical fingerprint sensor patent that can be used on the company’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 12.

Meanwhile, this patent appears to coincide with the question of what security technology Apple will use in the upcoming iPhone series.

Various observers predict the Face ID feature will not be the only authentication system on the iPhone 12.

Since the release of the iPhone X, Apple abandoned the Touch ID feature and chose to use the Face ID face recognition system for almost all of their devices.

Based on the patent revealed by Patently Apple (a web page that focuses on Apple’s latest IP surgery) recently, it seems that the startup Steve Jobs will launch a new fingerprint sensor.

Quoted from  Slash Gear, Thursday (12/19/2019), the new fingerprint sensor patent will be located below the next-generation iPhone screen.

Although it has been submitted since 2017, Apple has just received a letter informing that the patent has been approved by the relevant parties.

The patent said that the optical image sensor below the screen can detect user biometric image data.

Like the ultrasonic sensor in the Galaxy S10 series, Apple’s patented technology is also capable of reading fingerprint grooves.

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