Apple Could Launch Its First Folding iPad with 5G in 2020

by team December 03, 2019

Apple could launch its first folding iPad with 5G in 2020


After 5G, it may be the design of a smartphone with a folding screen that is attracting the attention of the public, as well as being the two factors that promise to become very popular in 2020. 

Samsung announced in February the arrival of its Samsung Galaxy Fold, although a few months ago it decided to delay its official launch date due to imperfections that had been detected on the phone. 

Huawei did not want to be left behind in the trend of folding phones and presented the Huawei Mate X that was initially going to go on sale in mid-2020, but after the postponement of the Fold, Huawei also decided to wait and be “more cautious”. 

Obviously, after learning about the existence of future folding phones, it is normal for Apple fans to ask themselves: and when can we buy a folding iPhone? 

The answer will surely be affirmative but, as Apple usually does, they will wait to see if the folding devices of the other brands work correctly, and thus be able to launch an improved and improved product that stands out in front of its competitors. 


Apple could launch its first folding iPad with 5G in 2020


Several pieces of evidence could confirm the future arrival of a folding iPhone, for example, several patents that Apple has bought or screen orders.  

Now that we know of the existence of several folding smartphones that could be on store shelves next year, it is normal to ask ourselves: will there be other types of folding devices, such as an iPad? 

Possible folding iPad with 5G in 2020?

According to analyst Jeff Lin, Apple could be working on making a new folding iPad with 5G to launch in 2020. Lin forecasts that the device would be similar in size to the MacBook. 

This iPad would also be the first with 5G technology, something that will become an essential tool in a few years. They would also have a rear camera system that allows 3D images to be captured and then edited with an Apple Pencil. 

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