Apple and Samsung Sued Due to Radiation

by team December 09, 2019

Apple and Samsung Sued Due to Radiation


US law firm Fegan Scott sued Apple and Samsung in two different class actions but with the same lawsuit because certain cellphones from the two companies emit radiation that is too large.

Fegan Scott asked the US District Court in the Northern District of California, San Francisco, the United States to order the two defendants to pay a sum of money to conduct medical monitoring of cell phone users who entered the lawsuit, including an unspecified amount of compensation.

This lawsuit was registered after Fegan Scott hired a laboratory that had been accredited by the FCC to confirm the level of radiation from radio frequencies (FR) emitted by several Apple and Samsung cellphones that had passed the legal limits set by the FCC.

“Apple and Samsung phones have changed the way we live. Adults, teenagers, and children have been using their cellphones to check e-mails, play games, and do schoolwork. They carry this in their pockets all day and even fall asleep with a cellphone. on his bed,” Fegan wrote.

“They (Samsung and Apple) told consumers that (their cellphones) were safe, so we felt it was important to test RF radiation exposure if the claim was true. It turned out that this was not true. Independent tests confirmed that RF radiation levels far exceeded federal exposure limits, sometimes.

“It goes up to 500% higher when cell phones are used in ways suggested by Apple and Samsung. Consumers deserve to know this truth,” Fegan added.

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