Apple and Google Blocked UAE Spy Application

by team December 26, 2019

Apple and Google Blocked UAE Spy Application


Apple and Google removed a popular messaging application called ToTok, which was blamed as a spy application belonging to the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ).

Reported by the New York Times, Wednesday (12/25/2019), the new ToTok has launched a few months ago, but its popularity has skyrocketed. Before being removed from the App Store and Play Store, this application has been downloaded millions of times worldwide.

According to the New York Times report, ToTok is an application that disguised as a mass spy tool, which can monitor all conversations, movements, relationships, pictures, sounds, and various other things from its users.

ToTok itself has a majority of users living in the UAE, but lately, its popularity in the US has begun to climb.

Based on analysis and interviews with several computer security experts, the New York Times said Breej Holding – the company behind ToTok – was a disguise from DarkMatter, a cyber intelligence company based in Abu Dhabi.

DarkMatter is known as a company that employs several UAE intelligence agents, former NSA employees, and also a former Israeli intelligence agent.

Despite removing this application, Apple and Google declined to comment on this issue. Likewise, Breej Holding could not be reached for comment.

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