All iPhone models fulfilled the rules of the FCC

by team December 27, 2019

All iPhone models fulfilled the rules of the FCC


Last August, a report emerged from the Chicago Tribune that mentioned several Apple and Samsung cellphones emitting radiation that crossed the line. But this report was ignored by the FCC.

The FCC is the Federal Communication Commission, a United States government-owned agency that tests devices on the market. And in their last test, the radiation emitted by Apple and Samsung phones was still at normal limits.

Apple itself has previously issued an official statement related to this radiation, which mentions all iPhone models including the iPhone 7 has fulfilled the rules of the FCC and various other state-owned bodies where iPhones are sold.

Previously reported, the law firm FeganScott from the United States sued Apple and Samsung in two different class actions but with the same lawsuit, namely because of certain cellphones from the two companies that emit radiation that is too large.

This lawsuit was registered after FeganScott hired a laboratory that had been accredited by the FCC to confirm the level of radiation from radio frequencies (FR) emitted by several Apple and Samsung cellphones that had passed the legal limits set by the FCC.

In a press release released by FeganScott, at a distance of 2mm, both the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 emit RF radiation that is twice as large as the legal limit. At a distance of 0 mm, the radiation emitted by the iPhone 8 even reaches 5 times greater than the limit, and the Galaxy S8 is 3 times greater.

The Chicago Tribune also published an investigation that showed similar results. In the investigation, they said 4 iPhone 7 units that were tested exceeded the radiation emission limit, and the iPhone was not the only cellphone tested in the investigation.

Galaxy S8 test results are also somewhat scary. The radiation exposure limit permitted by the FCC is 1.6 watts/kg, while the Galaxy S9 – at a distance of 2mm – emits radiation reaching 8.22 watts/kg.

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