Some Features

Dr Hidden Installs Easily to Your Mac System Preferences

As far as Mac system tools go, ours is one of the simplest, and most efficient you can get. For easy access, Dr Hidden installs directly to your Mac’s preference dialog. The install is easy, an uninstall is just as easy.

Quick and easy to revert settings

We know that settings are mostly temporary, that’s why we’ve created simple toggle switches to turn your desired settings on or off easily.

Discover Functionality You Didn't Realise You Had

Unlock functionality on your Mac that you didn’t realise you had. Dr Hidden exposes some useful tricks that will save you time and allow you to customise your Mac to your taste. Dr Hidden allows you to customise dock, keyboard, finder, file settings and many more. One of our favourites is subpixel font rendering – this dramatically improves your font display.replica rolex watches

Easy to use

Dr Hidden is simple and easy to use! Try it for yourself.



Find settings that will save you time

Easily unlock 30+ mac settings that would otherwise take a quick google, youtube tutorial and follow-along search to change. Easily free up space by enabling the viewing of both hidden files and system files. Adjust confusing and hard to find Finder settings with a simple click and toggle between different formatting and location settings for a more organized screenshot experience. Learn more by watching our video to the left.

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Don’t take our word for it

“Dr. Hidden helps me uncover hidden settings and organize my Mac for a more productive and intuitive workday!”

Dr Hidden has saved me so much time! I used to spend ages searching for how to change things on my Mac but now I have it at my fingertips. I have recommended Dr Hidden to all of my friends and anyone that wants to optimize their productivity.

I can customize my Mac in a way that I want – Thanks Dr Hidden!

Dr Hidden has introduced me to a number of features that I was previously unaware of. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to get the most out of their Mac.”

Unlock Even More!

Show all hidden and system files on this Mac

There are many hidden files on your Mac that you will sometimes you need to. Dr Hidden helps you find see all those hidden files and directories in Finder.

Do not create .DS_Store files on network drives

Your Mac creates hidden files called .DS_Store inside directories to save custom directory attributes. You don’t need these files on network drives and Dr Hidden helps make that hassle-free.

Disable smart quotes and dashes globally

Smart quotes is the function of replacing curly quotes with the straight alternative. Word processors love curly quotes, but the web does not. The issue of copying and pasting from a word processor to the web is fixed with the flick of a switch.

Automatically hide the dock on your Mac

Many people like to use the additional space taken up by the dock. Dr Hidden provides a quick way to hide it.

Show all file extensions in Finder

Finder’s default setting not to show file extensions. This is frustrating when you find yourself having to change a file extension.

Enable subpixel font rendering on non-Apple LCDs

We’ve found that enabling this setting results in an amazing improvement to your font display.

Show the full path bar in the Finder window

We suspect that the converts from Windows find the lack of this setting perplexing. Dr Hidden helps these folks feel more at home. When the setting is enabled it adds the path at the bottom of the Finder window.

Make the ~/Library directory visible

Your ~/Library directory is hidden by default, but there are times when you need to access it. e.g. when Microsoft Word keeps crashing and you are looking for the microsoft.Word.prefs.plist. file. True story!

Hide warnings when you change file extensions

This safety feature can be an irritation. Dr Hidden helps you turn off the warning dialogue box that asks you to confirm if you really do want to change that file extension.

Show the full POSIX path as the Finder window title

By default Finder only shows you the name of the current directory as it’s title. Dr Hidden allows you to see the full path to the directory they are in.

Disable auto-correct globally on this Mac

Auto-correct has often resulted in some awkward conversations… As a public service we added a feature to disable auto-correct completely.

Disable the warning when emptying your trash

If you are the kind of person that means business when you empty your trash, this will make the warning Mac asks you every time, go away. However, if you like to store files in the trash so that they can be reviewed or restored at a later time – this setting is definitely not for you!

Set a blazing fast keyboard repeat rate

Your keyboard repeat rate is set fairly average by default. Changing this setting to make it faster, makes typing feel faster. Go ahead, try it!

Save documents to disk instead of iCloud by default

iCloud is great, but many people still prefer their old workflows to save documents. This setting turns off your Mac’s default behaviour to try and save files to iCloud.


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Dr Hidden

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